Pools are becoming a popular way to expand the usage of ones yard, create a private oasis, and keep the family occupied throughout the Summer without ever leaving home. They can offer entertainment and beauty for years when planned properly and combined with beautiful landscaping.


Working with a variety of pool companies we can plan and deliver a wide range of different types of pools and hot tubs. In-ground or above, steel, poly or fiberglass, we have experience working with them all. By matching our skills with top notch pool installers we can ensure that your pool and landscape function as one, are seamlessly integrated, and project a fully cohesive look.


A pool is great, but it is only one element of a successful installation. To create a full project you need to also consider the pool patio, decking, fencing, turf, and planting beds. That’s why working with a company that can coordinate it all and deliver a scope of comprehensive services makes it easy to make it beautiful. Let Earthworks take the hard work and coordination out of your life so you’re free to enjoy the final product.


Key Benefits of the Service

The health benefits alone are worth owning a pool. Swimming works your entire body with low risk of injury.  our happiness is just as important as your health. In fact, studies have shown that if you are happy and satisfied with your life, you are more likely to be healthy in the future.

  Enjoyment for years to come
  Create your own oasis
  More affordable then a cottage
  Enjoy the best part of the year at home
  All your neighbors will love you