Fredericton City Hall

2015 Awards of Landscape Excellence Submission

The Fredericton City Hall – Phoenix Square Project was undertaken in 2014 as a part of a renovation project on the City Hall and as the initial step in a downtown infrastructure improvement and beautification initiative. This project included underground work for City Services as well as new lighting, pavers, benches and flower beds. We did not do the initial design, we did however make adjustments and necessary fixes to it in order to achieve the original intent, which was not possible based upon the original design and placement of certain elements.

We originally bid this project as just paver installers with the underground and prep work going to another company. When it became clear part way into their project that they were not going to be able to provide a suitable base for the paver installation we were called in early to do base prep before starting our paver installation project.


The project included apx 20,000 sq’ of 80mm pavers, apx 2000 sq’ of sitting walls/benches, and the installation of 14 planting beds and tree pits, as well as planting material. The design features many accents, inlays, off color banding, framed beds/pits, manhole cover work arounds, lighting and new grading, all of which presented their own challenges in terms of accuracy, appearance, and functionality. Due to the exacting nature of the design and the unfortunate misplacement of structural elements by other contractors due to unforeseen underground problems, our designs and work had to be changed and adjusted an number of times to make things work aesthetically and practically.

Once completed the square was opened to the public again as a center point of downtown life, and we are very proud to have been a part of it. It is continually used for seasonal displays, concerts, events, promotions, and as serving for a beautiful and inviting centre for Fredericton’s thriving tourism industry.

sq' Pavers Laid
+ Planting Beds
m2 Soil Deposited
sq' Sitting Walls / Benches